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Each year, I take VIP groups to a colourful journey into Paris and Champagne for a truly memorable and decadent experience, filled with French food, amazing champagne & lots of laughter.

A unique experience

The Champagne region of France is one of the most picturesque and magical places on the planet. The region’s history is long, rich and enigmatic. It is where the kings of France were anointed and is home to some of the most famous families and brands in the world. Many of these champagne houses are not open to the public, however as a guest on the Insider’s Tour you will be welcomed with red carpet hospitality. I invite you to join me on my unique Insider’s Tour for an unforgettable experience of the Champagne region’s best. This intimate tour will have exclusive lodgings in a magnificent 17th century Chateau for a week of pure gastronomic and sensory indulgence.

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"A bucket list that was fulfilled beyond any dream or expectation”
- 2018 Tour Guest