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Join Me In Champagne.

There is something truly magical about the Champagne region; so much history, so much beauty and home to some of the most famous wine-making families in the world.

However, to get into the best houses and get behind the private closed doors of Champagne you need a guide who has a key to the prestigious gates of Champagne. Join me in Champagne on this once in a lifetime tour experience, our infamous, Insider’s Tours to Champagne.
Each year, I take guests on a journey into Paris and the vineyards of Champagne for a truly memorable and decadent experience, filled with amazing champagne, delicious food & lots of laughter.

A unique experience

My tours are unique as you are having private tour experiences in the best houses, with the heads of the houses and the winemakers themselves. Every tour experience is centred around gastronomy with long lunches and fabulous soirees every single night.

We stay in a privately rented chateau, so we have the entire estate to ourselves, providing the ultimate base for a week of glorious indulgence.

Please note we have an extensive waiting list for our tours so you will need to register on the waitlist below and we will be in touch to discuss the tour opportunities as soon as we can! We welcome you to join Kyla and Kyri, your hosts to Champagne.

Black-tie dinners

Private tastings

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27 June - 2 July

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Insider Tour

26 June - 1 July

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"A bucket list that was fulfilled beyond any dream or expectation”
- 2018 Tour Guest