Emperor Tulips

Drink your champagne in the right glassware

So much time, energy and passion is delivered into every bottle of champagne. Drinking champagne from a skinny flute dulls all the wonderful aroma and complexity. It's like "going to the opera with ear plugs" says Krug Cellarmaster.

Emperor crystal tulips have been scored in the base of the glass to create extra perlage (bubbles). The large tulip shape will create a symphony of aroma and flavour from your champagne as it has room to open out, breathe and interchange with oxygen. The narrow rim of the glass will also refocus the aromas with each sip.


Sold out

Sold out

About the Emperor tulips

The Emperor tulips are designed especially for the enjoyment of champagne from non-vintage through to prestige cuvées.

Don’t waste a beautiful champagne in a flute. Make your tasting experience unique and enjoy your champagne like a real connoisseur.

Handcrafted in Italy

Perfect gift for wine lovers

Emperor branded

Dishwasher safe

2 Pack and 6 Pack options

Luxury gift box included