About Kyla

My story

After reading a series of books on the history of Champagne, I fell in love with the story of Napoléon Bonaparte and his friendship with Jean Remy Moët. I fell in love with Champagne itself. I wrote a letter to a gentleman who had written my favourite book on the subject and he wrote back inviting me to visit France to learn all about champagne.

I turned on my heel and quit my finance career, left my long-term partner, gave away my dog and bought a one-way ticket to Paris. This is where my incredible new journey began – a charmed life of delicious champagne, grand soirees, Saudi Arabian princes and luxury travel.

The beginnings of the Dame

When Dom Pérignon discovered champagne, he said: “Come quickly – it’s like you’re tasting the stars”. To me, champagne is the drink of toasts and celebrations, where elegance, sophistication and desire meet.

While living in France, I was lucky enough to be given a glimpse into the life of Champagne families where: I shared wine and stories with generations of passionate winemakers, tasted some of the world’s most beautiful and rare champagnes and studied the art of their unique existence.

That’s when I followed my heart and committed myself to champagne. Returning to Australia, I became a Champagne Ambassador, hosting masterclasses and delivering keynote speeches all around Australia. I work with the most prestigious champagne houses as well as the new boutique winemakers and share their amazing stories with you.

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Book a champagne masterclass and immerse yourself in an extraordinary sensory experience. Perfect fusion between winemaking, gastronomy, history, geology and celebration.

Let’s taste the stars together!

Join Me to France

Spend the summer with me in France and get the red carpet hospitality in the most prestigious champagne houses. Rooftop parties, black-tie dinners in 18th century chateaux... you will never forget your Insider's Tour.

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Life is about the little luxuries...like champagne! So we’ve created Australia’s only Champagne Club. A club created by champagne lovers, for champagne lovers - like you! This monthly club membership is so packed with benefits you’ll love the incredible value.

"Kyla brings elegance and fun to any event. She is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the joys of drinking champagne."

- Shari Murphy, Event Guest