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Kyla Kirkpatrick made a decision in her earlier years to live a life of passion, following her heart and creating an incredible personal story.

Kyla’s Story

Have you ever had that niggling urge to do something a little crazy and exotic? To cut through the mundane and seek out the richness and elegance that’s missing from your everyday life?

That’s exactly what happened to me in 2005. After reading a series of books on the history of Champagne, I fell in love with the story of Napoléon Bonaparte and his friendship with Jean Remy Moët.

I fell in love with Champagne itself. I wrote a letter to a gentleman who had written my favourite book on the subject and to my surprise, he wrote back inviting me to visit France and learn all about the beauty of this liquid gold.

So I turned on my heel and quit my finance career, left my long-term partner, gave away my dog and bought a one-way ticket to Paris. This is where my incredible new journey began – a charmed life of delicious champagne, grand soirees, Saudi Arabian princes and luxury travel.

Now known as The Champagne Dame, I’ve carved a BIG small business out of a niche industry and I’m proud to be considered an expert in the field of bubbles.

Why I committed my life to champagne

When Dom Perignon discovered champagne, he said: “Come quickly – it’s like you’re tasting the stars”. To me, champagne is the drink of toasts and celebrations.

Champagne is where elegance, sophistication and desire meet. It’s where refined luxury, style and indulgence collide. I am not at all surprised that Miss Marilyn Monroe once bathed in it!

While living in France, I was lucky enough to be given a glimpse into the life of Champagne families where:

  • I shared food, wine and stories with generations of passionate winemakers
  • I tasted some of the world’s most beautiful and rare champagnes
  • I studied the art of their unique existence
  • I learned how they manage to produce one of the world’s most desired products

That’s when I followed my nose and my heart and committed myself to champagne. I now get to travel to the exquisite Champagne region many times a year. I work with the best of the best in champagne. From some of the most powerful brands in the works including, Ruinart, Krug and Bollinger to incredible grower champagnes from smaller houses such as Philipponnat, A.R. Leonable and Alfred Gratien.

Most importantly, I have the brilliant opportunity and honour to work with you as The Champagne Dame. I host all manner of events and functions and deliver keynote speeches in most major capital cities around Australia. I whisk gorgeous people like you away on sumptuous bespoke champagne tours in some of the most desirable destinations in the world (think South Africa, France, New York). I take you on the ultimate champagne journey with my Masterclasses, a unique fusion of champagne tasting, gastronomy, history, geology and celebration.

Let’s do this

Let’s ignite your senses with the finer things in life, shall we? We’d love to host a private champagne Masterclass event, build you a champagne tower or create an unforgettable champagne moment for your special event.

Click these links to find out more about our events, keynote speeches and tours.

Come with us – let’s taste the stars together.

What they say

  • Kyla is an absolute pleasure to work with, professional, highly organised and with an ability to fully understand event and audience needs for each presentation.

  • Kyla adds class and elegance to every event, which is greatly appreciated by our female clientele. Sabering the champagne for our audience really tops the evening off – a skill that everyone should see!

  • An event by Kyla Kirkpatrick is like no other. She is incredibly well informed about all things champagne, sophisticated, passionate and highly engaging.

  • Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience! The Insider’s Tour was absolutely amazing. Our group was so down to earth and the wine makers were so hospitable. Merci Beaucoup for everything!

    Melanie Champion Event & Marketing Manager at Champion Event Group
  • My week in Champagne was more than I could have dreamed of! Kyla and Kyri took us on an incredible, once in a lifetime adventure. I will always treasure the memories and friends I made in Champagne.

    Tessa Serfontein Territory Manager at Globus Medical
  • Joining the champagne club has brought bubbles and delight to my life.

    Amelia T.
  • Each month I am assisted in my journey with matching video content exploring the complexity of the month's champagne.

    Ben H.
  • The club has never introduced me to a champagne that I did not like and that the only time to drink champagne is not just on special occasions, but whenever you feel like it.

    Sam G.
  • The Champagne Club has brought me into contact with similar Champagne loving and pleasure seeking beings who enjoy the vista of planet bubbles.

    Paule E.
  • I recommend joining The Champagne Dame’s monthly champagne subscription called ‘Emperor Champagne Club’ – Kyri & Kyla send you two bottles each month with educational videos they record! I’m a member and love it!

    Zac G.
  • Just a quick note to say we loved the recent grower low dosage Champagnes. We have been away and had a drought of champagne so they were really nice to have when we got back.

    Brian D.

Professional Speaking



Want to give your event the ‘Wow!’ factor?

My team and I are trained in the art of sabrage – it’s the perfect way to open an event, or celebrate a new product or project in a memorable and thrilling way.

Sabrage is the name for an age-old technique of opening a champagne bottle with a sabre (or special sword). It’s said to have become popular in France when the sabre was the weapon of choice for Napoleon’s light cavalry.

To celebrate his spectacular victories, his devoted soldiers would wedge open champagne bottles with their sabres.

A dramatic way to celebrate!

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